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Educating in Web3 with Scott Meyer

March 31, 2022 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 89
Leadmore Podcast
Educating in Web3 with Scott Meyer
Show Notes

What happens in the world when all the world’s talent is accessible to us?

John sits down for the second time on the show with his brother, Scott, who shares his love of exploration of the web3 space and is pioneering an effort to educate in the space through his company, Ed3. He is a part of a DAO, decentralized autonomous organization, where individual contributors have some ownership in decisions of the organization along with their contributions.

In episode 89, the Meyer brothers discuss how DAOs are operating, how to become part of a DAO, and the impact DAOs can have in the future.

  • What is a DAO? (3:57)
  • How do you get involved in a DAO? (10:55)
  • Adding value in a DAO as a leader (17:20)
  • Potential downsides of a DAO (28:16)
  • Future of leadership in DAOs: (30:22)
  • Prediction on future of DAOs: (34:01)

Explore more of what was mentioned through DAO Central, Crypto Jobs, and Shiny Object Social Club.


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