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Embracing Growth with Brigit Blote

April 14, 2022 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 90
Leadmore Podcast
Embracing Growth with Brigit Blote
Show Notes

Brigit Blote joins John for the second time on the Leadmore Podcast to catch up on her journey as founder and CEO of Fomeno, where their goal is to make thrifting simple. Inspired after studying sustainability in the mountains of Costa Rica, Brigit started Fomeno while balancing life as a college student and Division 1 athlete. She won an international competition in 2020 to earn $100,000 in seed funding from the Hult Prize Foundation.

In 2021, Brigit graduated college in only three years to fully focus on Fomeno. A year after her first conversation with John on the Leadmore Podcast, Brigit reflects on building a start-up company, raising capital, staying true to values and mission, and growing as an individual and as a leader.

  • Catching up with Brigit (1:50)
  • Fomeno’s Journey (6:05)
  • Growing in Leadership (16:39)
  • Finding Balance (25:13)
  • Fomeno A Year From Now (32:26)

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