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Building Community with Ashton Hauff

May 12, 2022 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 92
Leadmore Podcast
Building Community with Ashton Hauff
Show Notes

Building community might be the most important skill of 2022.

In episode 92, John sits down with Ashton Hauff, Co-Founder of The Good Kids, a branding studio in Bismarck, North Dakota. 

In search of community after moving back to Bismarck in 2015 after spending her college years in Minneapolis, she started Makewell. Today, Makewell is a community of 1,000+ makers around the Midwest. Their mission is to equip the makers and dreamers by sparking ideas and igniting action.

As an experienced graphic designer, community builder, and current business owner, Ashton shares about creating community, knowing when to transition and start new things, building a team, and trusting in the community you’ve built when it’s time to move on.

  • Creating Community (5:33)
  • Challenge of Building Community (9:16)
  • Leading a Community (15:37)
  • Get to Know Ashton Better (23:45)

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