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Creating Returns for Humanity with Tammira Philippe

June 16, 2022 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 95
Leadmore Podcast
Creating Returns for Humanity with Tammira Philippe
Show Notes

Tammira Philippe is the President and CEO of Bridgeway Capital Management in Houston, Texas, where they are committed as a firm to put 50% of their earnings back into the world. Focused on creating returns for humanity, Tammira is a leader full of energy, dedication, and with a special focus on cultivating and leading a diverse team.

In episode 95, Leadmore host John Meyer talks with Tammira about giving back as a leader and an organization, leadership transitions, and personal drive and ambition. Tammira reflects on the winding path of her career and the decision to dedicate herself to one industry as a leader.

Tammira was taught early in her career how to find a place to both lead and follow, and has been putting that into practice ever since. A lifelong learner with humility, adaptability, and energy, Tammira’s spirit and heart for her work and others shines through in this episode.

  • Journey to Bridgeway (10:30)
  • Leading in Capital Management (17:10)
  • Leadership Transition (25:25)
  • What’s on the Horizon (34:10)

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