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Considering Divergent Paths with Nick Wendell

December 09, 2021 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 79
Leadmore Podcast
Considering Divergent Paths with Nick Wendell
Show Notes

Nick Wendell is not a great spectator. As a first-generation college graduate turned higher-ed advocate and a public servant who led his community through pandemic-time policies, Nick holds a unique perspective on the arena of choices that belongs to each individual. More importantly, he consistently puts his perspective to work for others. 

Today, he’s the first Executive Director of the South Dakota Board of Technical Education, a nine-member board impacting the way we see technical education opportunities in the state. 

In episode 79, Nick joins host John T. Meyer to discuss the future of education, the common ground that connects communities, and the considerations he makes when he’s faced with divergent paths.

  • From Agriculture to Higher Ed (1:44)
  • The Career Turn (6:57)
  • Forecasting Careers of the Future (13:28)
  • Nick’s Public Service (22:10)
  • Investing in What’s Important (43:30)


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