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Narrowing Your Approach with Andy Sparks

December 16, 2021 John T. Meyer Season 1 Episode 80
Leadmore Podcast
Narrowing Your Approach with Andy Sparks
Show Notes

Blue Dot founder and executive coach Andy Sparks caught the startup bug early. When he was 19, he attempted to start a microbrewery, which was quickly shut down because of the illegality of owning such a business before turning 21. After thousands of TechCrunch articles and a handful of startups, he’s become an expert at starting and a coach for executive leaders working on one of our most persistent problems: climate change.

Why did he choose to coach? And how did he set his sights on climate change? In episode 80, Andy joins host John T. Meyer to share his process for starting a business, narrowing his focus, and how he helps others change the world today.

  • Meet Andy (1:26)
  • Starting in the Climate Space (3:55)
  • Coaches, Consultants, and Therapists (13:45)
  • Andy’s Hope (31:20)
  • Rapid Fire with Andy (35:36)


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